Are you a Software Architect with a craving to crack open big challenges and get to the root of the problem? 

Our client is looking for a talented full-stack software engineer who has a passion for software architecture to consider all aspects of the complete system, how it will be deployed and used in the real world and to ensure that the architectural decisions they take, the tools, techniques and third-party technologies they select make the product the best it can be. There are two clear aims: For customers to be blown away by the functionality and usability of the products; and unrivalled reliability and robustness.  

You’ll be someone with bold ideas, a methodical mindset and the tenacity to crack open and solve complex engineering challenges. 

What’s in it for you? Excellent Salary / Conference budget €1000 per year / Flexible Working Hours / Hybrid Working / Unlimited Leave   

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Interact with several key roles in the company including Product Managers, Lead Developers, test teams and other delivery functions 
  • Lead the design thinking of the applications from a software level - evaluating what tools and products best fit the wider aspirations of the company 
  • Balance the “here and now” application requirements against the strategic architecture directions set out by Architecture, Product Management and Development teams 
  • Ability to assist in code design reviews where needed to ensure quality whilst avoiding complexity working with the team 
  • Collaboration will be key with a strong requirement to become familiar with skills and interests in the development team and align architecture decisions with the team’s interests very much at the forefront 
  • Technically support the projects that will embed the application from inception to product releases and development enhancements 
  • Research, evaluate and select technologies for the implementation of each component and connections to the components (integration) 
  • Create unified software architecture standards in the company 
  • Control the architecture during the next iteration of a system release 
  • Resolve disputes and trade-offs at software architecture level 
  • Document all work in accordance with agreed standards 

Skills and Experience: 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics, Scientific, Computing or Engineering or similar discipline and minimum 5+ years of experience in mixed software engineering and IT projects 
  • Broad understanding of how Large-Scale infrastructures, systems, applications, distributed databases and their requirements work together 
  • Excellent and proven knowledge in programming and in several technological stacks  
  • Excellent and proven experience in leading design decisions around evolving existing applications and introducing new products and ways of thinking from a software perspective 
  • Deep and broad technical knowledge of software architecture and generic understanding of high-level architecture principles 
  • Strong experience in the ability to compose a large number of technical documentation, reports and diagrams 
  • Ability to assess effort, risk, costs and complexity for software solutions 
  • Good communication skills with the ability to relate to various audiences 
  • Excellent understanding and experience of hardware infrastructure implementation and low-level working principles 
  • Strong experience in application security and how code level principles dovetail into the overall security strategy. 


  • Ability to maintain full-stack software applications (our stack is Node.js, React (TypeScript), MySQL, Docker, GCP) 
  • Familiarity with message queuing systems, for example rabbit, and cluster databases systems. 
  • Experience managing and deploying software and Operating System updates/upgrades over IP 
  • Experience in network, server, and application-status monitoring 
  • Experience with Cyber-Security strategies and implementation 
  • Experience in software verification and validation including functional, regression, scenario, load, usability, stress, performance, and automated testing 

This list is not exhaustive and main objectives / performance measures will be discussed and agreed with your line manager.  

If you have exposure to many different software technologies and technology stacks and will have become a deep generalist across several operational disciplines and want to join this rapidly growing company at a very exciting time then apply now!  

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